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 Uzumaki Naruto

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Uzumaki Naruto

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PostSubject: Uzumaki Naruto   Sun Jan 28, 2018 2:08 pm

Name: Naruto
Nickname: Trouble maker
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Height: 170 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Appearance: Naruto is relatively normal when it comes to appearances. Granted, he also has a few quirks that make him stand out. Starting off, he has a fairly average build. Athletic, perhaps, would be a good description of it. No real fat is visible on his body, but he looks pretty healthy aside from that.

Due to his adult appearance, Naruto has a little facial hair to really speak of. Besides that his skin is smooth and tanned, making him seem quite well-off in the health department. It's obvious he does his best to keep himself well. His hair is yellow-coloured; its locks being rather straight for the most part, though, some parts of it stick out for one reason or another, giving him an almost goofy appearance to add to it. He doesn't really take care of it as much as he takes care of other things, causing it to look a bit wild or even quite messy at times.
Possibly the one thing that stands out about the youth are his eyes. They are a deep blue as if the sea from his enemies soaked into his iris’s. Often times, one can see them gazing side to side, trying to gain as much information as possible. One could even say they looked rather innocent.
Overall, his facial features are also nothing to speak of. A chiseled face, and an average. Either way, his strong cheeks are often dusted with a darker colour, perhaps because he's always moving around and active when he can be. Of course, being like that, he also gets quite sweaty and dirty at times. He'll wash when necessary, however, and tries to do a good job with it. Sometimes, too much of a good job. Sometimes, he will have scabs that are caused by himself from scratching at himself or scrubbing too hard!

Village: Leaf Village
Character Rank: Genin | D
Character Tier: D-3
Clan: Uzumaki
Element: Wind
Jinchuriki Roll:

Personality: Naruto is an average looking child, nothing of his appearance is really of any note, save for his height, He is shorter than most boys his age standing around the 5.9 ft mark, this feature is often a subject of ridicule for Naruto. despite his height though he does not stick out. He has fairly dark yellow hair and a long frame, one would be forgiven for thinking he didn’t enough hen looking at him. He has soft features that often make him appear younger than he really is, which paired with his height can make for many annoying situations.

In response to his child like appearance he has attempted to dress himself in a manner that would make him look older. Other than his standard issue headband on his forehead, He wears an oversized, orange-black jacket with his father’s old bandana wrapped around the arm. Underneath this jacket, Naruto wears a white T-shirt and on his lower body he wears, a Black pants, he also has a simple pair of shinobi footwear on his feet. His mode of dress does not often change unless he is heading to far off climates in which case he will then wear bandage wrappings forehead.  
Character History: Naruto was born to the Uzumaki family, a family people with big heads and big aspirations. They claim to be one of the oldest families in the Hidden leaf yet possess little to no influence and little to no Chakra control and have powerful sealing Justus'. Due to these reasons many see the family as a bit of a laughing stock, though this reputation is not helped by the family’s patriarch being a loudmouth. Naruto’s mother married into the family upon seeing his father’s lust for life and his aspirations but ultimately has realised that her husband is not the great man she once thought he was. When Naruto was born his mother was brought great happiness once more, and his father was brought another chance for success.
Naruto’s early years were split between his loving mother and his pushy father, his father constantly wanting him to be like the great progenitor of the Uzumaki clan. A legendary and likely fake ninja. This desire for his son to be a ninja would see success when it came to pass that Naruto possessed a talent for chakra control, an ability thought lost within his family and has Nine Tails' sealed inside him. It was at this moment Naruto’s father pushed him to the academy to become a great ninja. This was something Naruto was set against until he learned how happy it made his mother. Although she thought it selfish she told Naruto that seeing her son be successful and getting away from his poor name would make her very happy. This is what originally spurred Naruto to join the academy.
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PostSubject: Re: Uzumaki Naruto   Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:10 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Uzumaki Naruto   Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:12 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Uzumaki Naruto   

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Uzumaki Naruto
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